All Submissions must be your own work, be it photography, artwork or article/text, this magazine strongly works to not breach any copyright laws and we also believe in respecting the true ownership of intellectual property. Research and giving your own viewpoint is fine as long as nothing is copied directly and reference credit is supplied to original author/artist.

If you have art/photo of someone else’s you want to use, you will need to seek written permission first & supply a copy of this permission at the time of submission along with the name/site that is to be credited for such work. In saying this the person submitting any work is taking the responsibility as the owner or authorised user of any copyrighted work. This magazine will not take responsibility for any copyright breaches committed by submitting contributors as we take it on good faith that these requirements have been met.

Your work still stays your own property and you are only giving the rights for T.A.P.M. to edit/print it. If T.A.P.M. designs your page then you need to seek permission to re-use the whole page elsewhere as it is designed and compiled by another party. (Sorry about the dragged out copyright information, this is to protect us all and so everyone understands.)

If your designing your page as a whole page then it needs to be in 300dpi, 22cm wide and 30.7 cm tall. All text needs to be placed at least 1.3 cm inside the page edge and 5mm will be trimmed off all the way around page (any background image needs to go to the page edge to allow for printing/trimming errors). All text needs to be large enough for people to read and of a colour/shade that does not blend in with the background.

Please remember that a printed page is darker than your computer screen and readers cannot zoom in to make words easier to read.

Text submissions need to be approx 400-450 words, longer articles will still be considered and could be used depending on available space in the magazine or may even be run over 2 issues, Images and art work need to be clear imagery and can only be used if it’s fitting to an article (if only image/artwork is being submitted), or submitted with an article that is relevant.

We reserve the right not to publish images we feel do not work with the design or magazine. While we will do our best to include all submissions where we can, we can’t always guarantee use.


Payments for submissions will only be available if & when payed advertisement is sold, using space of contributors not wanting add space, they will also need and ABN as this is a self funded magazine, so we will also try to source a part of advertising and fundraising etc to help with costs of running the magazine, when needed, this is done for the community not as a money making scheme.

As a non cash payment for peoples submissions, they are welcome to a business card size advertisement (10cm x 6.5cm), if relevant to the magazine (no hotlines or non related adds, we also reserve the right to reject adds,  if we feel it isn’t appropriate to this magazine, if your unsure please ask), if you would like an add for your submission, please include the add with your submission, or contact us so we know you want an add.

Each contributor is entitled to a copy of the issue of their article, you will need to let us know your address if you choose to receive one.