I am a certified herbalist, writer and witch. I am a wortcunner and wisewoman. I am an initiated High Priestess and sometimes teacher. I’m also ordained with the Universal Life Church. I’ve been practicing for 16 years more or less, my path is very eclectic, but I consider it to be green/hedge. My passion is herbs, I work with them in both a healing and baneful capacity, understanding their spirit and nature. I read tarot and oracle to divine the future. I am a hedge witch, walking the twisted green roads using and growing the shamanistic plants of old, embracing baneful herbs as well as healing herbs. My nature as both witch and herbalist demand it.

My Craft is very organic and intuitive; being a green/hedgewitch I hold to no set tradition or rules but create my own as I work and grow. My life is that of the Green. The grass underneath my feet, the herbs I grow in my garden, the flowers blooming with scent, the Oak – old and wise – this is my temple, this is my place. I was raised, and still remain, in the country. It is the harsh, wild landscape of my life, both unforgiving yet nurturing, showing the complexities of the seasons and the stages of life cycles from the first greening of the land to the eventual decay as the cycle turns once more.
I run two stores, both centre around my passion and love for herbs. I love to create unique artisan items letting spirit guide me toward the creative process.
Stacey can be found at her main site which has links to her blog and stores: www.thecountrywitchscottage.weebly.com

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