Cindy was born in Australia & is 5th Generation Aussie. Her Father was a professional Cray Fisherman in a Southern port in S.A., so she grew up by the Ocean. She spent many Summers swimming amongst the fish! She loves to cook & uses many herbs in her cooking. Although she would would love to, she has not traveled far or wide in this amazing Country, due to lack of finances. But believes, when the Universe wants her to, it will provide her with the means. This is evident when a FB friend of hers from Texas, America, came to visit & paid for her to travel to Cairns in Qld to see the Great Barrier Reef.

She follows the Season’s & is a nature lover. All her life Animals have been attracted to her. She has found herself talking to them on many occasions, learning what they want to teach her.

She is a Virgo, which is an Earth sign. One of her Totems is the Brown Bear.

She is a Mother of 1 living child, a daughter who is now 23. (She miscarried every boy child she conceived.) Her 1st born daughter drowned when she was 2.5 yrs old, so Cindy understands the true meaning of loss & grief. Cindy has a fascination of old world architecture & has ‘tours of castles & Medievil villages’ as one of the items on her bucket list! She is certain that this is due to many past life experiences.

Cindy is a Solitary Witch, who runs her own web page called Sacred Heart’s Witches Den, on Facebook, with over 12,200 fans. She admits that this page not only helps her fans to learn the craft, but also herself. And she is quoted at saying; “You never stop learning, just because you’ve left school… Life is a lesson until the day you pass over”. Cindy loves to help others when & where she can, but has learnt to be wary of people & also shield yourself when dealing with others.

Cindy lives with her partner of 11 yrs, called Stu & they have a familiar called Mister – Mr. Moo is his nickname. Cindy had to have him de-sexed due to his continual fighting & wondering. Now he is a lazy, stay at home Mum’s boy.



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