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Ever since he was young, Ospiri was hidden in the darkness and had a strong interest in the Occult. Not really fitting in with his family or those around him, he sought after a way to find who he was. This unfortunately led him to a narrow-minded teacher, a local Satanist, in 2008. Ospiri was just happy that someone was willing to give him access to the information and tutelage he was looking for. Little did he know the intent of his so-called teacher.

Ospiri had to learn things on his own, the only guidance was in the form of prejudice and hate; things he detests. Realising that he had some natural talents, Ospiri took it upon himself to try and see what he was capable of, the arts of glamour and astral projection. When the teacher was made aware of this, all he told Ospiri was “I’ve nothing left to teach”, even though he had taught nothing.

It was at this time that he met the woman that would become the love of his life, a local witch that was more than willing to guide him into the broader realm of Paganism. Through her, he had better access to a wider range of knowledge than he thought possible, and a better way of finding himself. Eventually, he found himself embedded in the roots of the Celtic path, even more so when he learned of his ancestry of the same roots. From then on he has grown to be a dark, yet friendly guide to spirits who have lost their way.

Ospiri mainly works via his Otherworld travels, though he does a little at the altar as well. He also has a strong connection to Cernunnos, and he tries to study all paths not just that of the Celts, as he prefers to be more well-rounded than closed off.

Outside of the magickal realm, he is a loving partner and father. He also likes to spend time writing, reading, drawing and he is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player that enjoys the company of good friends.

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