Writing under her Magical name MoonSong Carol is an eclectic solitary Pagan who follows a Shamanistic path. Lucky enough to live on a large acreage Carol is surrounded by the many joys of Mother Nature in Her raw state. This has also given her the opportunity to create a large stone circle that she also opens up to others to use. Carol delights in making her own Magical tools and does not believe that you have to have “all of the tools and stuff” you read about to truly practice Magic. Nature will provide and intent is the most important thing. Giving back to the community Carol holds crystal workshops, specifically targeting the healing powers for those suffering with all forms of Cancer and their family and friends. Her greatest talent lies in working with animal spirits, totems and guides and she loves to help people as they undertake their own search. She loves to work with her Australian Animal deck.

Being in a rural area, with an ‘underground’ pagan community Carol is often asked for advice from people on the basics of Witchcraft. Hence the ‘101’ style articles. She has a good understanding of how hard it can be to find information when you are isolated from the general populace. Thirteen years ago Carol started a radio show on a local station and loves to take her self styled ‘weird, odd, quirky’ show to the airwaves once a week. She has also been Treading the Boards and is a behind the scenes member of a Theatre company for the past fourteen years. Carol considers her roles as a witch in MacBeth and the timeless Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof as two of her greatest achievements. She is also well known for her costuming skills.Carol’s other love is singing. After receiving her formal training Carol went on to compete and then turned professional as a judge. She tutors children and adults alike, for competition or just for pleasure. She had a successful band for ten years that was in demand in pubs, clubs and formal functions. Carol also plays Bass guitar.

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