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Lizzy is an Eclectic Witch with deHeadshot Lizzy Rose 2011 issue 6 copycades of experience in the Craft of the Wise. She regularly hosts public gatherings and celebrations of the Sabbats, often opening her temple space in Keilor East to share sacred space with her many friends throughout the Australian Pagan community. She also devotes herself to helping others to learn about the Craft via her OWLL coven and the popular Mumma Moon events that she holds at various venues around the country.

In addition to her role as a High Priestess, Lizzy does extensive spiritual work in the broader community. She uses her natural psychic abilities to offer guidance to many of Australia’s best known celebrities. Lizzy is also highly in demand to perform banishings and to communicate with the spirits that have crossed over, cleansing homes and returning peace to people that have suffered hauntings or have attracted negative spiritual influences. This has led to Lizzy being in demand by the media and regularly appears on radio and television.

Lizzy has been writing for Pagan magazines for many years and has had articles published in Spellcraft, Spirit of Avalon, Goddess Guru and Spirit & Spell magazines. Her writing covers a wide range of topics from witchcraft and spell work as well as Paganism and the Old Gods. She also writes a regular blog where she discusses her insights into the Craft, magick and many other things that are related to her busy life.

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