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Judith (Judy) is a nature loving mother of 4 children who also owns the Pagans Australia website that is run with Hermit, her partner. Both Judith and Hermit have a love of photography and, along with their family, enjoy taking photos while bush walking. The family’s images often appear in the magazine as do images of Judith’s daughters.

Judith is a plant lover who uses energy rather than opting for things like herbs. She loves the conservation of nature and will support it in any way she can. Judith is also a solitary person in many ways, but has always loved helping others. This is why Judith started the Pagans Australia website and, for a few years, thought about creating her own magazines before actually going ahead.
Judith has now done magazines for both conservation and this one (TAPM) with Hermit and has also brought out a couple of calendars containing her nature photography. She didn’t even let the fact that she is dyslexic stop her from following her heart and her love for design also helped greatly.

Nature is Judith’s inspiration for so many aspects of her life, she has even let nature influence her with her natural makeup and forage style articles.

Judith likes to share what she finds concerning plants and makeup, especially when it’s easier to make your own makeup than choosing something that harms our skin in the long run. Many commercial products contain ingredients we can’t even pronounce, let alone know what they really are. While Judith has no formal schooling, (her only schooling was to year 11 in high school), she had enough drive to fulfill her dream of helping others.

“We should follow our dreams and at least try, if we don’t succeed, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we gave it a go”

What does the future hold for Judith? We will wait and see as the future is for the making.

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