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          Judith is a self taught Photographer who simply captures what she see’s when in nature.

with a love of all things in their natural place, from her passion of finding native orchids in the wild

and trying to help with awareness & fundraising for the Kooyoora area.

 Her love  bees, she loves most insects as they are a big part of the biodiversity,

with partnerships of insects and plants, truly fascinating her.

Judith also has a Love of waterfalls, and occasionally getting a chance to visit her favorites with different natural light changing the effect throughout the year.

Judith is not a portrait (people) photographer, it isn’t her passion, while occasionally she will take a few,

her love still lies in the wild as nature is perfect and ever changing.

You may also notice Judith’s photo’s used in the magazine, on the Pagans Australia website (www.pagansaustralia.ning.com)  and on here also,

Judith can be found at www.facebook.com/JudithSandersonPhotography

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