Merry Meet, I am Daniel Duffield I was born in a small country town called Tenterfield in New South Wales. I have moved around a fair bit in my short time from Cairns Queensland down to Swan Hill Victoria and have travelled much of the West of Australia. I have seen many Breathtaking views, stunning Mountains and Awe inspiring seascapes, but I still and always will call Tenterfield home.
The beauty of the New England area is what flared my love for Nature. The areas seemingly untouched water holes, Willow guarded streams and Granite covered Mountain ranges took my breath away and have always held the same fascination since I was a young boy. As I got older my love for nature only strengthened, working and playing on the land left me a lot of time to develop my connection with the land and an amazing thing happened. I noticed that Nature was noticing me as well.
While walking with friends during winter they would be pelted by chilling winds while the breeze seamed to not effect me. If I where caught walking without a jumper in the cold the air around me would seem to warm, I was mesmerised by this and my thirst for knowledge of the unseen world around us all was born. It wasn’t till some years later I was discussing my views on the universe with my Step Sister, she produced a strange looking notepad she had decorated and informed me that it was her Book of shadows. She went on to give me a brief overview of what she new about Wicca and Paganism and with that act of passing me that book my journey into Paganism began.
It was a venerating moment finding out I wasn’t the only person who believed in many of the same things that I do, that there were other people on the same wave length as I am. It has been many years since that day and still I am only on the first steps of my journey. There is a universe of knowledge out there and as soon as you think you might be getting your head around a question you come to the realisation that the answer only leaves more unexplained, one answer reveals three questions. The amazing thing is Nature the Universe understands this and as long as we acknowledge Natures existence it will reveal its secrets to us eventually.
No matter where my investigations into life and the Universe lead me, no matter how lost I can become in the complexity of it all I find taking a step away and re-connecting with nature helps me to think about everything clearly and focus on what’s important. Sadly I think most people have lost there ability to truly connect with nature around them. This is something I believe people should rectify. We should share with others the beautiful places we find, share our love of Nature with others whether it is just getting outside for some cricket or fishing. Give plants as gifts encourage others to learn about the Nature around them, there’s no need to go tree hugging just encourage others to acknowledge the tree is there. So get out there take a walk through the park or take a drive through some country you don’t see often and just stop and enjoy the Nature around you for a while.Blessed Be and Happy Travels.

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