Athena Dragonfly


Athena is a multi-generational Pagan-Witch. She sees herself as a teacher, healer, and diviner (and ever the student), having studied a few different healing modalities she has settled upon a method she created by combining elements from what she has learnt over the years. Her passion is crystals, whether it be for healing or divination, or other magickal workings.


In her personal life, Athena is a wife and mother. She is handfasted to her Pagan husband and they are raising a Wee Witchling who had her Wiccaning at 4 months old. Sabbat celebrations are commonplace in their household and they are known to their friends for it. Athena spends her home life (outside of her 9-5 mundane world job) raising Wee Witchling with Pagan values and involving her in community events. Athena also likes to grow some of her own food and extend that into her Kitchen Witchery. Athena is a passionately creative Gemini who loves art and craft of all mediums and is known locally for her handmade jewellery, and for teaching beginners to crochet.

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